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Jersey City, NJ & NYC Tax  Services

The Anjay Accountax Tax Team Helps Jersey City, New Jersey Residents and Surrounding areas with Tax Preparation and filing services for Individuals & Businesses. Our Tax Team has over 25 years of experience in the tax industry & and stay up to date every tax year with new tax law information. 

For Indviudals

Individual Tax Preparation & Filing

We prepare and file taxes your federal, state, and local returns on your behave to make it easier for you. At Anjay Accountax in Jersey City, NJ, we make sure your taxes are prepared and filed accurately and on time. Leaving you with fewer worries about your taxes and more focus on your family and goals.

Itemized & Standard Deduction

Anjay Accountax helps you decide what deductions are right for you to get the most out of your tax return. We use our knowledge and expertise filing taxes for thousands of individuals and implement practices that bring in generous savings to you.

Individual Tax Problem Resolution

If you received an IRS notice in the mail and did not know what to do. Do not hesitate to call Anjay Accountax to get your IRS related issue resolved. Our team will contact the IRS directly to negotiate a solution to your tax problem 

Tax Planning

Planning for the future with your taxes is more important than ever with changes to the tax laws every year. Our certified public accountants will sit down with you and go over your current and future tax situation and formulate a plan that will benefit you financially for the future. 

For Businesses

Business Tax Preparation & Filing

Businesses need to file their tax returns with the IRS every year. Anjay Accountax makes it easier for companies to file there returns on time by having a dedicated CPA to handle all aspects of their financial statements. Our CPA's analyze your business and prepare your tax return according to updated tax laws and your business interests in mind. 

Payroll & Sales Tax Preparation & Filing

Managing Payroll is a tedious tax for small businesses. We take care of all aspects of managing payroll from inputting monthly hours to filing quarterly returns. If your business involves sales, we handle all your sales tax preparation and filing according to your federal and state tax laws.

Business Tax Problem Resolution

If your business received an IRS notice in the mail, our tax resolution team can help you find a solution that would answer to the IRS and reduce the penalty on your business. We have over 20 years of experience dealing with the IRS, and we bring our expertise to every tax case we come across. 

Income tax planning and consulting

A long term goal for a business is to remain profitable for an indefinite amount of time. Jersey City's Anjay Accountax, can provide consulting and develop a plan for your business to maximize the benefits of tax planning that will help your business succeed in the present and future.

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