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NJ & NYC Auditor For Nonprofit, HUD & Corporations

Anjay Accountax Auditing Services are tailored to each unique business across New Jersey & New York. Our Jersey City firm has audited non-profit & HUD organizations, corporations and more for over 25 Years. Our team of auditors are knowledgable and experienced to review your financial statements and policies to greater improve your organization success.

Corporation Audit

The Anjay Accountax Auditing Team in Jersey City evaluates your company financial statements for accuracy and completeness for every audit engagement. We establish whether or not accounting practices comply to corporate policies and procedures as well as determine if the corporation's financial statements follow applicable private-company generally accepted accounting principles.

HUD Audit

Our Jersey City accounting firm specializes in auditing services for audits filed with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. We conduct our independent HUD audit to establish whether or not the organization complies with standards set by the government and accounting board as well as tenant compliance. Our specialization in HUD Audit ensures that your organization receives a meticulous and thorough examination of all financial records and controls.

IT Audit

An essential part of a business is its information technology infrastructure. IT Audit's determine if your IT Controls to protect company assets, data integrity, and systems comply with all standards. We help identify and answer the question: Are any computer related systems vulnerable to theft, failures, or disasters and is the company prepared? 

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