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Jersey City & NYC Business Services

Anjay Accountax helps small business owners in Jersey City, New Jersey, New York City & surrounding areas with Accounting Services tailored to each unique business characteristics. Our Multi-Industry Experience, combined with our 25 Years of Accounting knowledge allows our clients to receive the most knowledgable team in Accounting. 

Managed Accounting Service

With Anjay Accountax's Managed Accounting Service, you will be guaranteed your business books and finances are always organized, accurate, and up to date. Our team will handle every aspect of your small business from payroll, bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, and much more. Our Advanced Technology employed in practice provides our clients with a portal system that helps companies to track their financial statements and view documents from there accountant from anywhere in the world. Our Managed Accounting Service caters to every business. Therefore you can worry less about accounting and be more focused on running your business. Call Anjay Accountax about our Managed Accounting Services and low monthly fees built for every business.

Payroll Accounting

Payroll Accounting involves handling your employee's compensation and recording all relevant data like withholdings and payroll tax amounts. This task may be difficult for some business if their payroll schedule is weekly. Therefore, Anjay Accountax in Jersey City helps your business with payroll accounting by letting our accounting professionals handle all aspects of recording and filing payroll taxes. 

Financial Statement Preparation

We prepare all financial statements for your business, which include: balance sheet, profit & loss, income statement, statement of retained earnings, and statement of cash flows. Financial reporting for your business is essential to understand if your business is doing well throughout every accounting cycle. If you are a public company, the SEC requires audited financial statements, and banks may require financial statements to verify company debts. Our team of accountants will ensure all your financial statements are up to date and available when you need them. 


Our Bookkeeping Service is tailored to your unique business needs and goals. We take care of all your record-keeping to ensure when it comes to filing taxes; your business accounting is accurate and in order. Our approach to bookkeeping is unique compared to other bookkeeping services in Jersey City, NJ, because of technology. We employ an accounting system that records your business information monthly, and business owners can view their lasted company financial information to help keep their business on track.  

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