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IT & Technology


Making Technology Simpler With Anjay Accountax

Jersey City, New Jersey Technology & IT Support services that are catered to every business and designed to protect and maintain critical IT Infrastructure and Technology of a business.

Managed IT Services & Support

Small Businesses rely heavily on technology and their IT infrastructure to help succeed in today's IOT environment. Managed IT Support Services from Anjay Accountax eliminates the need of a dedicated on-site IT support staff by handling all your IT Support tasks remotely. We are able to accomplish this by a robust set of systems and tools that are designed and built to manage and maintain a small business network infrastructure. Whenever a IT related issue would arise for a business, our systems will be alerted and our team of IT professionals will handle the problem without you ever needing to pick up the phone. Our Service is to provide companies with a IT support that is built for the company to tackle any IT challenges they face to help them focus on running their business.

Proactive Maintenance & Monitoring

Our IT Support staff handles all of your common IT issues and perform regular maintenance to keep your IT systems in check. We employ 24-hour security monitoringfull system backups, and application updates for all your systems and endpoints. We make sure all technology devices and computers are up to date with the lasted and greatest patches to help your business run smoothly and secure. 

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is more critical than ever before with sensitive business data being stored on computers and online. New Jersey's Anjay Accountax and it's Cyber Security Partner helps businesses protect themselves from cyber attacks with software and tools that defend a business from malicious viruses, malware, ransome attacks, and more. Our Cyber Security team addresses cyber security by protecting client data, emails, company data, and more. Call Anjay Accountax to speak with our Cyber Security Partners about Security Solutions.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, a business needs to be able to protect its assets and be able to recover with minimal downtime to avoid losses. IT Services from Anjay Accountax in Jersey City, helps businesses create a system of procedures, data storage systems & recovery methods to help protect themselves in an event an unforeseeable circumstance effects a business operation. 

Cloud Services & Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools and Cloud Services helps a business be productivity as well as scalable.  

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