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One of the Longest Serving Accountant in Jersey City, Harish Hathiwala and his Anjay Accountax Firm.

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Harish Hathiwala and Anjay Accountax has been serving the Jersey City Metropolitan Area for over 25 years. Harish has made a name for himself has one of the most trusted and experienced Certified Public Accountant in New Jersey.

Jersey City is the Hometown of Anjay Accountax

Harish's Experience Brings Vast Services For Jersey City

Harish Hathiwala's practice areas include Accounting, Tax, Auditing, Compilation, and Peer Review. He has worked with many businesses and individuals in various industries and understands the multiple facets that make a business succeed financially. Harish, believes in having a firm that can cater to all of the needs of his clients. Therefore, Harish and his firm Anjay Accountax is always innovating and looking for new services to offer to his clients.

Harish has been in Jersey City since the 1990s and has seen the city transform into a bustling society with various ethnic groups and businesses coming about. Harish began his practice with tax and accounting helping small businesses in the area with taxes and financial preparation services. As time went on, Harish found himself to be a versatile individual capable of providing more services to larger businesses. Harish began offering Auditing Services for non-profit organizations and corporations as well as peer review services for fellow CPA's throughout New Jersey & New York. This ultimately created the Anjay Accountax firm, capable of providing multiple financial and accounting services for everyone.

The Non-Profit Commitment

One of the missions of Anjay Accountax is helping the community. The owner, Harish Hathiwala, is an avid contributor to various non-profit organizations that help senior citizens, children and religious groups and the less fortunate. He donates his time supporting the organizations to succeed financially as well as establishes accounting practices for them to lead by.

Anjay Acccountax Provides Technology Services for All Clients.

As an Accountant Firm, we realized technology plays an integral part in managing financial information as well as running a business. Technology helps individuals and companies control, manipulate and store data as well as help perform day to day activities. To ensure technology works as is suppose too, Harish Hathiwala and his Anjay Accountax firm provide Managed IT Services for all small businesses to help them succeed in today's technology environments. The Anjay Accountax IT Support team maintains and repairs critical IT infrastructure of a company, as well as help, automate business operations.

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